Adwanted USA
Everything we do simplifies the way advertising works.

Adwanted USA brings data, software, content, and event solutions and consulting services to the media industry.

Working with the world’s largest advertising companies, you’re in good company. Our flagship product, SRDS provides the advertising industry with a single platform providing essential data to support media planning and buying. Our software solutions provide efficient and effective buying, selling and evaluating products. Our content platforms spans across 3 countries and is the media industry’s leading news analysis and opinion source.


Media planning solutions. Connected intelligence for media planners & buyers.


Campaign Management – Simplify and optimize media buying operations.

The Media Leader

A leading industry newsletter focusing on 100% media.


Accelerate inventory planning with AI and increase efficiency with Yield Management.


A multimedia RFP platform: automate and simplify.

Media Pilot

Inventory Management - Control inventory across all media assets. From selling to billing.

Why Adwanted USA?

We've got some experience...over 100 years to be exact. Learn more.

Adwanted Group operates in the US, UK, and France, and has decades of experience in the industry.

We know the struggles of the media industry so we're here to alleviate your pain points. We offer a range of solutions to help you make media decisions.

  • Media Data

  • Planning Tools

  • Digital Media Information

  • Market Insights